Zim-Mixer’s on PA Dam Project

KC Construction, a Contractor based in Ivyland, PA, found a new way to utilize a pair of Zimmerman Industries Volumetric Mixers.

In bidding on several Dam Projects in Pennsylvania, they determined that if they could produce the material required, Roller Compacted Concrete and a High Strength Grout, they would be able to compete with much larger companies.

Zimmerman Industries, along with LaFarge Cement, worked with KC in meeting the requirements of the bid, and aided in testing with the Army Corp of Engineers. The results were that the materials, mix designs, and method of production were approved, and the dam was built.

From the knowledge and experience gained, KC has now finished a second dam, and is preparing for a third. In the course of these projects, they have produced as much as 1300 cubic yards of RCC in a day with their 2 units. The raw ingredients are loaded continuously, and the RCC produced non-stop. This not only allowed for the project to come in early, but meant that the RCC could be placed with a minimum number of joints.

The ability of the Zimmerman units to be quickly and easily changed to meet any delivery proportions, along with the support provided in design and testing, made each of these projects a success.


VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100 roller_compacted_concrete_2 roller_compacted_concrete_1 roller_compacted_concrete_4
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