Custom Mixers

Zimmerman Industries has manufactured many custom mixers over the years for both private and public agencies and companies. We work closely with the customer so that all specifications and needs are met. Please take a moment to look below at some of the custom projects Zimmerman Industries have completed in the past.

Single Sealed Bin Machine

A large general contractor in the New York City area, had used a standard Zim-Mixer on several projects through the years. Having experienced the technology and support that Zimmerman offers, they approached us about building a machine to work on a project with underwater concrete placement. The unit had to be configured to mount onto a barge, and with the ability to load the materials. The machine needed to produce several types of product, each with specific mix designs and performance criteria. This custom unit was built and delivered on schedule with training and calibration done on site. Once the machine was set, each material was produced and tested by NYDOT and independent labs, with all specifications being met.


custom_2013_sealed_bin_1 custom_2013_sealed_bin_2 custom_2013_sealed_bin_3 custom_2013_sealed_bin_4 custom_2013_sealed_bin_5

Road Overlay, Polyester Concrete Mixer

Zimmerman Industries was contracted to build a unit to produce a new product that it is being tested as a road overlay, polyester concrete. The product uses a (2) part material that replaces cement as the binder for fine and coarse aggregates. The unit had to meet the mounting and delivery requirements of the chemical pump manufacturer, thoroughly mix the material, and pass the stringent requirements of the State of California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS). The customization included changes to the unit configuration; mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems; and designing/programming a digital recording and monitoring system.

The custom concrete mixer was designed, built and delivered to the customer site in California. The unit was calibrated in conjunction with the pump manufacturer, and configured to deliver the product desired. Once this was accomplished, the unit was taken to the CALTRANS project and was subjected to their vigorous testing measures. After passing the CALTRANS test, the mixer was put into service immediately.


custom_2013_road_overlay_5 custom_2013_road_overlay_4 custom_2013_road_overlay_2 custom_2013_road_overlay_1 custom_2013_road_overlay_3

Two Sealed Bin Machine

An existing customer, requested a unit that had to be skid mounted, and meet strict space requirements. The mixer was to be loaded onto a standard flatcar when needed, and used to place a rapid setting material inside tunnels. This mixer needed to have 2 separate, sealed bins that could be used together or individually and had to have the capability of being operated from the deck of the flatcar or remotely to ensure operator safety. The contract also called for an extensive training program to be developed specifically to their machine, and needed to be written and submitted for approval, and delivered to each group that may need to utilize the unit. Zimmerman designed, built and delivered the unit on schedule and to the custom specifications. All provisions of the contract were met, and several training sessions were held with each shift of each department.


custom_2011_sealed_2_bin_1 custom_2011_sealed_2_bin_2 custom_2011_sealed_2_bin_3 custom_2011_sealed_2_bin_4 custom_2011_sealed_2_bin_5 custom_2011_sealed_2_bin_6

Custom Batching Machine with 2 Sealed Bins

A specialty contractor from northern Massachusetts contracted Zimmerman Industries to design and source a unit for one of their divisions. The customer had owned and operated a Zim-Mixer volumetric concrete mixer for several years and used the mixer on various projects for the Massachusetts Turnpike, Department of Transportation, as well as work at the Logan Airport. Due to the success that they had with our equipment and the service Zimmerman provided, they approached us about building a machine that would be built utilizing our basic design, but to their special requirements. Among these were sealed bins, trailer mounting, hydraulically operated loading doors, a self- contained unit stabilizing system, and a digital interface with another piece of equipment. Within days of arrival, the batching unit was put to full working mode. The first day on the job site work saw the production of approximately 100 batches of product, a gypsum based sub-floor material for a large condominium project in Danvers, MA. The unit met all of the customers’ requirements, and exceeded their expectations.


custom_2007_multiple_bin_3 custom_2007_multiple_bin_4 custom_2007_multiple_bin_2 custom_2007_multiple_bin_5 custom_2007_multiple_bin_1

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