Why A Zim-Mixer?

Advantages of Our Machine

  • Two Zim-Mixer Volumetric Mixers

Zim-Mixers are money saving mobile concrete plants delivering any quantity of concrete from one to ten yards, or more – right on the job site. With a Zim-Mixer you eliminate waste and overruns and expand your delivery area. A Zim-Mixer arrives on the job site, and the driver adjusts the material feed system to produce the desired mix of concrete. Production starts immediately, and can even be intermittent. All production is metered, and when your forms are filled, you simply stop your Zim-Mixer, producing only the concrete you need with no over runs. Unmixed materials still on the truck are not wasted, and can be used at the next job or even the next day. Since the Zim-Mixer custom blends concrete on site, you can produce many different concrete mix designs on the same delivery run.
A Zim-Mixer can be loaded the night before and be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Each of the materials; sand, stone, cement, water, and admixtures has its own storage bin within the Zim Mixer. The Zim-Mixer uses a numbered dial plate making your mix design changes the fastest in the industry. Materials are fed through carefully calibrated controls onto a patented material feed chain system, which requires less maintenance, and lasts up to three times longer than older belt drive systems. The chain feed system eliminates the slipping and leakage of materials found with obsolete belt systems. It eliminates the cement build-up commonly associated with rotary metered cement systems due to moisture and static electricity, giving you a more consistent material flow and a better mix. Zimmerman Industries is so sure of its chain feed system, it carries a three-year or 12,000 cubic yard warranty. The Zim-Mixer’s patented chain delivery system is self-cleaning and designed for low maintenance and high accuracy.

Each aggregate can be dispensed individually at any time, using our independent clutch system. This greatly decreases calibration time. It also enables the operator to make a wide range of products, such as grout mixes with sand and cement, or pervious concrete with stone and cement. It allows for sand or stone to be off-loaded individually, either to reload with a different size, or to dispense either product to meet a customers’ need. There is no spillage of sand or stone along the length of the unit, due to our unique chain design. This allows for a cleaner job and a cleaner chassis.

  • Materials are dispensed by a positive feed delivery mechanism. Each revolution of the shaft moves the same amount of material from the beginning to the end of any load, ensuring quality and consistency.
  • The exact metered materials are fed into a ny-hard bladed mix auger. The auger continuously mixes the controlled quantities of cement, stone, sand, water, and admixtures.
  • The auger drive motor is located at the bottom of the auger, putting the horsepower where it is most needed. This design also allows for easy auger removal and wear blade replacement.
  • Zim-Mixers come with a hydraulic lift and a power swing standard on all units.
  • We offer multiple chute designs for a variety of applications. Chute options include manual telescopic, hydraulic power telescopic, and swivel chutes. All of these options are attached to auger and require no lifting by the operator.
  • This mixer is so efficient, it meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Code C-685 with an amazing accuracy. All Zim-Mixers come with a Volumetric Mixer Manufacturers Bureau (VMMB) placard. This ensures that the mixer will produce the stated yardage of quality concrete.
  • All Zim-Mixers come with a full deck surrounding the entire unit for storage, extra working space, and a better looking unit.

Advantages of Our Support

  • Four Zim-Mixer Volumetric Concrete Mixers getting ready for a pour

Zimmerman Industries, Inc. has been and continues to be the driving force within the mobile concrete industry over the past 50 years. Our Zim-Mixer’s are designed to carry the sand, stone, cement, and water in separate compartments. This unique design provides many advantages to you. Being the original mobile concrete inventor, Zimmerman Industries, Inc. has developed a patented independent chain feed delivery system which is standard on all units and includes a 3 year or 12,000 yard warranty. This system lasts three times longer than older belt models and incorporates a self-cleaning metering chain that is the most accurate system on the market. This system provides the lowest annual maintenance cost of any volumetric mixer on the market.
Our volumetric concrete mixers can be truck, trailer, or stationary skid mounted for any application. Zimmerman Industries, Inc. manufactures volumetric mixers to supply all types of concrete, including: latex modified concrete, Rapid Set Concrete, Shotcrete, and Gunite. The Zim-Mixer has many options to meet your application, i.e. admixtures, color, fiber, pozzolan, and liquids.

  • Weight distributions are run on every unit we mount, ensuring compliance with D.O.T. guidelines in any state.
  • Operator training is offered at the customer’s location, along with unit calibration. Training schools are held on various dates throughout the year at our company headquarters as well as other states and countries.
  • All new mixers come standard with access to ZIPS, an online parts ordering system. Users can order parts, view their entire manual, and other important information. This advanced tool is provided at no cost to Zim-Mixer® owners.
  • Zimmerman Industries offers the most flexibility in design and manufacturing in the industry. We can build machines to any specification.

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