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For more than 50 years, Zimmerman Industries has been making advancements and progress possible in the volumetric concrete industry.

In the early 60’s, our founder, Harold Zimmerman, a Pennsylvania born farmer and inventor saw the need to deliver fresh batched concrete on site. He determined that the only way to do this was to combine the batching, mixing and delivery operation into a single machine. In 1964, after several years of research and development, Mr. Zimmerman applied for a patent on his newly designed concrete mixer and in March of 1967 the patent was granted.

A local investor with a background in marketing, Irl Daffin, saw the potential, and worked with Mr. Zimmerman to manufacture and market these machines. Daffin Industries produced more than 2000 mobile concrete mixers during the 60’s and 70’s. During this period Mr. Zimmerman and Daffin Industries were instrumental in the rewriting of Standards and Specifications for concrete as; contractors, retailers, municipalities, states, and the US military took delivery of these machines and put them to work.

original zim-mixer

Mr. Zimmerman continued to develop and make advancements to his patented mobile concrete mixer, making the mixer more efficient, durable and easier to operate and maintain. Additional patents were granted, and in 1979 a new generation of volumetric mixing branded the Zim-Mixer was introduced, manufactured and marketed by Zimmerman Ind., Inc.

The Zim-Mixer unit utilizes individual chains to move the sand, stone, and cement into the mixing chamber, in any combination desired. Not only did this change enhance the usefulness of the mixer, but reduced maintenance costs by more than 75%. Zim-Mixers remain the only volumetric mixer with this technology and the Zimmerman family carries on the tradition of innovation and customer satisfaction instilled by Mr. Zimmerman; to remain the leaders of the industry he began.

Today, Zimmerman Industries continues to deliver units to all segments of the concrete industry, and to all corners of the world. Zim-Mixers are at work in South American mines, building highways in Africa, replacing bridge decks from Seoul, Korea to Washington DC, creating pedestrian walkways in New York City, and building new dams in our home state of Pennsylvania. The US Military continues to utilize the Zim-Mixer, not only in repairs to roads and runways in war zones, but in humanitarian projects in storm and earthquake ravaged areas across the world.

Zimmerman Industries, Inc.

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Ph: 888-577-6499 (US only) or 717-733-6166 or Fax: 717-733-1169

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