Zim-Mixer Training

On Site Training

Zimmerman Industries provides (2) days of operator training with all new units purchased. This includes maintenance, operation, and calibration of the Zim-Mixer, with instruction, demonstration, and hands on opportunities for each owner/operator. In addition, Zimmerman Industries will conduct training at the customer location or job site for mechanics, operators, supervisors, inspectors, or agencies that require manufacturer support. These sessions can be customized as to content and length, to meet any situation.

Training School - Credited Course

The Operators Training School is a 3 day course designed to improve the profit and productivity of your Zim-Mixer. It consists of classroom time, demonstration, and hands on opportunities. Topics covered include: The Zim-Mixer, Theory of Volumetric Mixing, Materials, Proportioning Mix Designs, Specialty Cements, Admixtures, Calibration, Testing, Concrete Troubleshooting, Dispatching, Increasing Markets, Controlling Costs, and Advertising. In addition to Zimmerman personnel, as well as industry experts are a part of each class. Question and answer periods are a part of each session, ensuring that any and all applications are addressed. The course is designed for the new operator, as well as the seasoned professional. Each attendee is provided with a comprehensive manual, and a certificate of completion. The class has been accredited by the National Ready-Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA).

Training Videos

Zimmerman Industries Offers (3) videos that are used as a part of our training program. These videos are for informational purposes; as an introduction to those who have not operated a mixer, or a refresher for those who may have had training earlier. The videos are not intended to replace the on-site training session.

  • Basic Maintenance

    This video details the three levels of required maintenance on the Zim-Mixer volumetric concrete mixer; daily, weekly and monthly. Each maintenance element is shown being serviced, and described in detail.

  • Calibration

    The calibration of the Zim-Mixer is displayed and described in detail. The video walks the operator through the process of conducting the physical calibration, and using the information gathered to set the unit to produce the desired mix design. Also included is a calibration manual, containing sample worksheets as well as blank sheets.

  • Operations

    In this video the operator is taken through the steps of producing concrete with a Zim-Mixer volumetric mixer. It begins with the arrival on job site, positioning of unit and setting of gates/ meters to desired mix design. It continues with instruction on production of material, delivery techniques, cleaning of unit after delivery is completed, and assuring customer satisfaction.

These videos can be sent to you on CD format or you can visit our YouTube page to watch online.

Zim-Mixer Manual

The Zim-Mixer owner’s manual is available in a hard copy or digital format. Each section; Operations, Maintenance, Service, Parts, and Schematics include detailed descriptions and step by step instructions (complete with pictures and drawings). The manual is serial number specific to each Zim-Mixer.

To order call us at 888-577-6499 (US only) or 717-733-6166 or email info@zimmermanindustries.com

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